Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Viliami cross country.

Last friday we had our cross country fun run. Before our cross country we had to sit down on the hard court in our year lines. While we were waiting we were singing to the music that was playing.

My year was the last team to do our race. So Mr Jacobson said year 6 boys go to Mr Burt. When we were walking towards Mr Burt I was getting scared. But when Mr Burt did the clapper I didn't get scared anymore. I just did my best.

Well I was running I got tired and I wanted to stop running. I got a stitch and it was hard to breathe. I kept my pace and just jogged it. I kept on going no matter what happened. When I was running I was very thirsty. But I had to finish the race then I could have a drink of water.

I was 20 meters away from the finish line so I sprinted fast for my finish. When I ran past the finish line I was relieved that our cross country was finish. And know I don't have to think about the cross country again. And I am happy that I finished it.

In the end I was just happy that I finished it and I don't have to do it again. I just have to wait until next year but I will have to try a little bit better because it is going to be a little bit harder.

task description: I just had to write about what I did at the cross country.

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