Monday, 7 December 2015

Viliami my dinosaur's.

My dinosaurs name is called triceratops and half a Akylosaurus because at the back of it’s tail it has spike’s and my triceps will bump them off with it’s sharp horn. My dinosaur can fight 2 dinosaurs and when it we'll fight it well win and 1 cool move it well die.

If my dinosaur eat a dinosaur it mite get into pieces. My dinosaur eats meat and plant’s but it’s Favorite  is just eating meat and that’s the same with me to. My dinosaur has a team that helps him fight and the team’s name is called the dinosaur crew.

My dinosaur is so strong it has very big legs and and sharp teeth and strong and sharp claws. It lived million years ago and my dinosaur was in the Jurassic period and my dinosaur is 85 years old my dinosaurs tail stays on the air and it tail is so strong that’s it’s has lots of bones.