Friday, 7 August 2015

Viliami firefighter story.

When we were watching are firefighter movie it gave me some detail.On attend accidents They save them when there're car crash or a fire in the house.

Being a firefighter it is hard because they have to be fit and strong and have lot of energy.

Some people get some awards.  Sometimes they have meetings and they educate with people too. When there's a car crash they have a big cruiser that can open up the car in half.

They wear Special gear on there body to protect them from the fire and poison smoke .

The firefighters they get people down in a big or on top of roof top. They run up the stairs and down the stairs.

Sometimes when there's a real fire in The forest.  They have a helicopter that has a water tank under the helicopter. The firefighters have an oxygen mask and it is perceived because when you put fire on it won't burn lots of them have to test it because when there's fire the firefighters don’t want to get burnt.

firefighter characteristics

If you want to be a firefighter you have to be confident, work hard, be fit   and be strong.Being a firefighter it is so hard because you have to help people in crashes and help them off the road. As a firefighter you need to be a hard worker and strong men and strong woman. You need to be  brave and confident not just for yourself but for the people. The  Firefighters have to be strong so they can left people out of the cars when theres a car crash.

What does a firefighter wear?

They wear a cool helmet that protect there head. and they have something on there head that when you slide it down it will protect your eyes. they have some boats that pretect
 there feet. and they have gloves that save there hand from getting hurt.