Thursday, 1 December 2016

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Viliami Athletics Day 2016.

On a good day we had a beautiful day and we had athletics. Spark,staff,youth town and kids that came to our school when they were young and that they go to tamaki college.

During the day on a sunny and hot day we had to sit down on the hot concert and in our house colours and our year groups. When we were sitting on the concert we had to listen to what Mr Brut told us to do to go to our rotations.

When we were walking towards the shot put I got Really nervous that I was going to not get a good  fshot but I threw my first heavy ball but I stepped out of the circle. Then on the second throw I got a good throw but someone threw it past mine so I was lucky to get the last shot so I got so angry and I threw it hard that I almost broke my arm then I came first.

My favourite part at the athletics was the shot put because I came first.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Viliami in to the cave.

Once upon a time there were two boys and their names were Jack and Arthur. Jack and Arthur they went hunting at night. When they were walking through the bushes they saw a cave. They walked inside the cave and they saw a very big bear come out of the cave roaring at Jack and Arthur.

 Then suddenly the bear smashed the wall and made the rocks fall down then there was no where to go and they were trapped inside the cave. Then Jack said to Arthur that they were in trouble then then Jack got his gun out and held it in the front of his face then the bear was carm.

 Then Jack and Arthur said that the bear just wants to be there friend. Jack knew that there was meat in his bag. Then Jack gave it to the bear and the bear was there friend and Jack said to the bear if he can remove the rocks so they can get out then the bear removed the rocks.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Viliami The little boat.

Once upon a time there were two brothers that went fishing in the Tongan ocean. Then suddenly they saw ten sharks running round there fishing boat. Then one of the brothers new that there was a knife in the back of their boat so one of them went to the back of the boat and got the knife.

 Then he came to the front boat and and tried to scare them away well the other brother is trying to turn on the boat so they could get out of the circle. Suddenly the boat turned on so then the brother that was turning on the boat ran over the sharks and got out of circle.

 When they got back to shaw they said to each other that they are not going back fishing for there hole life. Back at home there parents said where's my fish and the two brothers said they got nothing.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Viliami end of term 3 Blog post.

Hi guys it's Viliami here. I hate it that I am not blogging and posting stuff on my blog but you can still post comments on my blog. The best thing that I liked posting this year was the egg race because it was so cool. I will see you next term so that well be in 2 weeks BYE.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Viliami Writing - Narrative September 2016

Once upon a time there were a two brothers that went to the Point England beach for a swim and do some rugby training there names were Leonardy and Viliami. Then suddenly there were zombie people and zombie dogs.

 The zombie dogs were so fasted that it could chase you and bite you and there teeth are so sharp like a shark's teeth that have been sharpen. And the zombies they had blood coming out of there brains and zombies eating each others hands and feet and they are evan trying to eat each others brains to.

 So the brothers started runing away to there houses and they did not wanted to go back to the Point England beach for a swim or go training there so that's the end that they a going to the Point England school beach.

Walt: write a narrativeWalt: use and write paragraphs, detailed sentences, juicy words, full stops, capital letters and correct spelling.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Viliami NZ Olympic Mascot.

Silver fern flagI am Jeff the new Zealand Olympic mascot. I am a bee that is holding and rugby ball because rugby is a cool sport to play. I live in a hive in a beautiful farm where my family live.

 I like to play rugby or touch with my cool friends. I like playing PlayStation with my family. I like playing rugby because we can score tries and tackle. I like playing games on my PlayStation with my friend Leonardy and krutas. I live in a beautiful country called Aotearoa.

I live In the bush with some of my friends and family.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Viliami Egg 20m Sprint.

Egg 20metre Sprint By: Viliami It was a cold Monday and we had to go and line up to go to the park because we had a 20 meter race. Then Mr Bax gave me a egg and I designed it to look like a person. I was waiting to get my egg and spoon.Then Mr Bax asked me to hand out the vivids. WIth the vivids I designed my egg to have some hair and a face. Mr Baxendine said, “get ready and go.” We had to hold our egg with a spoon and run 20 meters and run back and who ever came first would win. My favorite thing was designing my egg and running with it.

Viliami 20m Egg Sprint story.

If you enjoyed this click on the link below.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

We are the champions.

On the first day of school I was going to assembly. I was thinking about what we  were going to do.

We are champions because Mr baxendine had a flag on his back. And some teachers went up to the stage to show Us Olympics stuff.

In team 4 we are learning About Olympics Exposed and virus and advertising too.

My highlight today was team 4 Because they taught me more experience.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Viliami 3D printing.

So today we did some 3D printing and we had to make our own name tags to put on our own bags.
My favorite thing this term was 3D printing.   

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Viliami Carrots!

On monday when I came to class I saw some carrots on the table and I was looking for rabbits. I saw no rabbits then when the bell rang I came into class and I asked Mr Baxendine what are we doing.
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We got given a knife, carrot,  board and we had plates. Then Mr baxendine said to the whole class to start carving. Then I carved my carrot and I had to make some holes to make it look like a real friend.

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My carrots name is carrot. My carrots has a bold patch and  has a very big mouth and big eyes. My carrots is hair is spiky and pointy like a hedgehog.

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My favorite part of the day was cutting the carrot and eating the carrot.
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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Viliami kaivelata

A person who I well admire. I admire‘ and look up to my family and my teachers. Why they a are role model because the look after me and they are good friends. The special thing about them is they look after me and they are good friends. When I grow up I want to be a police officer. Why because I want to be a good person and a kind man.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Viliami lama story.

Spitting to Survive! WALT: We are learning to find and use relevant parts of the text to help us answer questions accurately. 1. List the three ways spit helps humans. Chew talk swallow. 2. Which animal creates a forceful stream of water to capture insects archer fish a. humans b. archer fish c. spitting cobras d. llamas 3. Name two reasons a llama might choose to spit. When they feel threatened and to steal food. 4. How does a spitting cobra use its spit to protect itself? It spits at their eyes. 5. What is the author's purpose for writing this passage? a. to tell funny stories about animals b. to teach the reader how animals survive c. to express opinions about animals d. to show how animals are different.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Viliami super hero speech marks.

Hulk & Robin
Write here: The hulk’’ said to robin that he was going to steal his car’’ but robin said come and get it if you can then the hulk came to his house and he went into his garage and took his car. Then the next morning robin wanted to go to work he could not find his car keys.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Viliami super hero description writing.

Iron man was fighting a man that looks kind like him but it was badder than iron man. And they had a fight then iron man said that he looks better then him. Then the bad iron man blasted his laser then he missed.

Then iron man blasted back at him then got him right on the eye. Then the next day people was going to his house in the morning and celebrate him saving the day. Then he was the coolest superhero in the world and the kinds man in the world.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Viliami messy room writing.

Sense of sight
When I walked into my brothers room I saw my brother playing games and his bed was so so messy. Then I told him to clean it up because he eat pizza and there were pizza hut boxes on the floor. And lots of big mac burger boxes on the floor too. And I told him to clean his room. So he did, so the next day he eats again. He will eat at the kithen. So he didn't make Any more mess again.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Viliami's camp writing.

Last Wednesday at night we had to go to bed so we went into our tents. we had to go to sleep than when I went to sleep De Niro said to me to wake up. When he woke me up and they said that we had to go to the library.

So we went to the library and the grass was very wet that our feet and our toes got dirty and wet. So when we went into the library all the boys was still awake but some was asleep. Then all the lights was off so all the boys all went to sleep.

When we were sleeping we heard a big noise so all of us woke up. Then when I woke up  I went back to sleep. Then Mr Goodwin came with the siren and woke us up then we had to go to jump jam and that was a very bad night.

At the scary night I was so scared that I was about to cry like a baby. And at the last day I loved it Now I am looking ford to next year's camp.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Year 5&6 camp.

at school all the year 5&6 had camp. We had camp captains and there names was Javan And Mystique so every where we go they are the boss of us and every thing they tell us to do we have to do it. Then for our dinner was mince and cheese and chips. When we got into our tents it was so hot so the teacher told us to wear our pijamas because in the morning it well be so cold and it rain.   

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Viliami the three little pigs.


Many years ago there lived a old mother pig and three little pigs. They lived in a little grassy clearing in the middle of a dark forest. The three little pigs grew so big that their mother said to them, "You are too big to live here any longer. You must go and build houses for yourselves but be very careful that the big bad you.”


One day the small pig got on his truck and got some and he came back and he got a good place to make his house. So he built his house was so easy to make and it was so fast it only took half an hour to make his house.

The second pig got on his truck and he got some sticks to make his house. He built his house out of sticks so it took two days to make the house. Then the 3 pig went and buy bricks so he  belt house and it took 1 month to make the house so he had to work so so hard so he did. One day the big bad wolf went to the first little pigs house so he got scared. Then when the wolf siad that he was about to blow the house down.So the little pig got so so scard that he was about to cry so he said not on behalf of my tchni tchni tchni so the big bad wolf said so ill huff and i well puff and i well bleow your house down so he did and all the strwas went on the little pig so the little pig ran so so fast to the second pigs house so when he got there they went and got one blanket and they hid under it.

Then the wolf chased him to get into the house so he said little pig little pig let me in not on behalf of my  techno tchni techni so the the big bad wolf huffed and puffed and below the house down so he got so sacred and they ran to the third house is plesce. When they got there they both went and hid under the bed. So the wolf said I well huff and i'll puff and i well bleow your house down. So he tried and he could not do it.

So he went up the house and went down the chimney he did not know that there was hot water waiting for him so the pig was happy because the wolf’s bum was going to go in hot water so it fell down the chimney and it fell into very hot water so his bum so the wolf ran so fast outside and it did not come back ever again so the three little was so happy that the got to have a party.

Viliami maths work.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Gopher story introduction.

Once upon a time there was a gopher that was on dirty road his name was Jeff. He was so fat that he had to hold the tummy while he is walking.The dirty road was in middle of Africa.