Thursday, 17 November 2016

Viliami Athletics Day 2016.

On a good day we had a beautiful day and we had athletics. Spark,staff,youth town and kids that came to our school when they were young and that they go to tamaki college.

During the day on a sunny and hot day we had to sit down on the hot concert and in our house colours and our year groups. When we were sitting on the concert we had to listen to what Mr Brut told us to do to go to our rotations.

When we were walking towards the shot put I got Really nervous that I was going to not get a good  fshot but I threw my first heavy ball but I stepped out of the circle. Then on the second throw I got a good throw but someone threw it past mine so I was lucky to get the last shot so I got so angry and I threw it hard that I almost broke my arm then I came first.

My favourite part at the athletics was the shot put because I came first.