Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Viliami cross country writing.

On Monday we had cross country and Mr Burt lined us up in a straight line But first he talked to us and he said some rules.

He said we can not cut the line when you're running you have to go around the cone.

So Mr burt said "on your marks get set go", and he clapped the clapper so I sprinted as fast as I could but some people was in my way so I was running through them.

Then I saw Kurtas coming first so I was sprinting to the finish line then I came 11th, it was a good day.

Viliami kiwi sport coach writing.


INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?)

A Kiwisport coach goes to lots of  different schools and they teach us skills for different sports and they teach us how to stretch and how to warm up.

A kiwisport coach wears sports clothes so it is easy to run and move around. They need  nike shoes and a nike cap and black shorts. They also need  relevant equipment for particular sports and also some hula hoops. For example if it was badminton they will be use badminton rackets.

To become a Kiwisport coach you have to do coaching modules and also have an interview to see if you are the right person for the job.

Viliami firefighter story.

 When we were watching are firefighter movie it gave me some detail.On attend accidents They save them when there're car crash or a fire in the house.

Being a firefighter it is hard because they have to be fit and strong and have lot of energy.

Some people get some awards.  Sometimes they have meetings and they educate with people too. When there's a car crash they have a big cruiser that can open up the car in half.

They wear Special gear on there body to protect them from the fire and poison smoke .

The firefighters they get people down in a big or on top of roof top. They run up the stairs and down the stairs.

Sometimes when there's a real fire in The forest.  They have a helicopter that has a water tank under the helicopter. The firefighters have an oxygen mask and it is perceived because when you put fire on it won't burn lots of them have to test it because when there's fire the firefighters don’t want to get burnt.     

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Viliami futuer job.

My Aspiration for a  job is to be a  policeman  because they capture people when they are bad and doing naughty things. I would like to be a policeman because they save people from not to have fights and do bad things.  

How do you  become A Policeman?
You need to be a strong man or woman you need to be confident too be a police man you need to go to police college and study there.

If I didn’t have a job I will chose A firefighter because they save people from fire and they put out the fire and they even save people from not jumping off a cliff When There's a car crash they have crasher to open up the car and when there's fire in your house get down get low and get out fast.