Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Viliami Rod Laver

Rod Laver Rod Laver would wake up early every morning and run for a long period of time. Rod Laver would run because he would want to be fit and healthy. Every sporting hero would be fit healthy and would want to stretch their bones by exercising. Rod Laver's left wrist is twice as strong and bigger than his right wrist because when he was little his coach would tell him to squeeze a ball and his coach would give him a big heavy racket so his arm could be bigger and stronger and so he could swing harder. Every player that Rod Laver would play on the tennis court they will be scared because they know that Rod Laver would serve the ball very hard.That's why Rod Laver’s nickname was ROCKET. Rod Laver was born on 9 August 1938 .When Rod Laver was little, his father made a court on the family farm. He added lights so Rod and his brother could play at night when they had done their chores. Rod Laver was a very fair player who never lost his temper.If I was Rod Laver I would exercises and keep my body fit and healthy in my backyard by doing a lot of stuff with moving my body with some funky music. BY VILIAMI