Friday, 29 May 2015

The Marshmallow Story.

On a cloudy starless night a young boy, named Jimmy sat alone by a bonfire. Jimmy was sitting on a big wooden log and toasting his marshmallows over the bonfire. He was camping all on his own.

 When he turned around he saw a monster behind him. Oh no, Jimmy felt nervous and frightened. The monster was angry.He was green with big yellow eyes and sharp, pointy teeth.

 Trying to defend himself Jimmy swung his stick like it was a sword at the monster. Surprisingly, the monster transformed into a cute dog.The monster performed tricks like jumping up and down. Suddenly Jimmy released that he only had one marshmallow left.

 Jimmy took the last marshmallow out of the packet.When he took it out, the monster snatched the last marshmallow. The monster began to chase Jimmy into the forest. When the monster eat the last marshmallow Jimmy looked inside the packet if there are any more.

 And when he looked inside there were no more Marshmallows left. and the monster got angry at Jimmy.and chased him to the forest and jimmy got back up and get the pillow.Ten he got the pillow he thought  it was a marshmallow but it wasn't.And he walked to the bonfire and sit down Next to the bonfire and it disappeared  and it was really sad.THE END.

Friday, 1 May 2015


On a cold early morning i woke up at 5 at up north to go to   the Anzac parade.

When I got there I got out of the car with my coach and we ran to the band because my coach was in the band a long time ago. We followed band the long way. When me and my coach was walking I saw little kids in the band and I saw my friend SAM in the band playing the trumpet.

When we got there I put a rose at the beautiful rock and I saw lots of names on the rock and i saw a old man how speak on the microphone and And the people how was in the Anzac war they have to Stan steal with their  guns and we will remember them because they sacrifice for our lives.             

Immersion Assembly

Hook/Introduction: Paragraph 1 (to hook your reader in then to give them enough information so they know what you are writing about)
On Monday morning as soon as we got to the hall for our immersion assembly I saw Mr Burt helping to make pikelets with jam and marshmallows. I got to eat a pikelet and it was yum. The whole of Pt England school was there, we were going to find out about what we will be learning this term.

Paragraph 2:
When Mr Burt gave one of the prefect a drone to control with his phone. I liked when the year 3 and 4 teachers went because their video was cool. It was funny.     

Paragraph 3:  
My favorite part of the immersion assembly was Mr Barks showing us his incredible creation which was a minion hovercraft.

Paragraph 4: Conclusion
The immersion assembly was fun. I like hearing about what we are going to learn. Tinkering, tools and toys!