Friday, 19 August 2016

Viliami NZ Olympic Mascot.

Silver fern flagI am Jeff the new Zealand Olympic mascot. I am a bee that is holding and rugby ball because rugby is a cool sport to play. I live in a hive in a beautiful farm where my family live.

 I like to play rugby or touch with my cool friends. I like playing PlayStation with my family. I like playing rugby because we can score tries and tackle. I like playing games on my PlayStation with my friend Leonardy and krutas. I live in a beautiful country called Aotearoa.

I live In the bush with some of my friends and family.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Viliami Egg 20m Sprint.

Egg 20metre Sprint By: Viliami It was a cold Monday and we had to go and line up to go to the park because we had a 20 meter race. Then Mr Bax gave me a egg and I designed it to look like a person. I was waiting to get my egg and spoon.Then Mr Bax asked me to hand out the vivids. WIth the vivids I designed my egg to have some hair and a face. Mr Baxendine said, “get ready and go.” We had to hold our egg with a spoon and run 20 meters and run back and who ever came first would win. My favorite thing was designing my egg and running with it.

Viliami 20m Egg Sprint story.

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