Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Year 5&6 camp.

at school all the year 5&6 had camp. We had camp captains and there names was Javan And Mystique so every where we go they are the boss of us and every thing they tell us to do we have to do it. Then for our dinner was mince and cheese and chips. When we got into our tents it was so hot so the teacher told us to wear our pijamas because in the morning it well be so cold and it rain.   

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Viliami the three little pigs.


Many years ago there lived a old mother pig and three little pigs. They lived in a little grassy clearing in the middle of a dark forest. The three little pigs grew so big that their mother said to them, "You are too big to live here any longer. You must go and build houses for yourselves but be very careful that the big bad you.”


One day the small pig got on his truck and got some and he came back and he got a good place to make his house. So he built his house was so easy to make and it was so fast it only took half an hour to make his house.

The second pig got on his truck and he got some sticks to make his house. He built his house out of sticks so it took two days to make the house. Then the 3 pig went and buy bricks so he  belt house and it took 1 month to make the house so he had to work so so hard so he did. One day the big bad wolf went to the first little pigs house so he got scared. Then when the wolf siad that he was about to blow the house down.So the little pig got so so scard that he was about to cry so he said not on behalf of my tchni tchni tchni so the big bad wolf said so ill huff and i well puff and i well bleow your house down so he did and all the strwas went on the little pig so the little pig ran so so fast to the second pigs house so when he got there they went and got one blanket and they hid under it.

Then the wolf chased him to get into the house so he said little pig little pig let me in not on behalf of my  techno tchni techni so the the big bad wolf huffed and puffed and below the house down so he got so sacred and they ran to the third house is plesce. When they got there they both went and hid under the bed. So the wolf said I well huff and i'll puff and i well bleow your house down. So he tried and he could not do it.

So he went up the house and went down the chimney he did not know that there was hot water waiting for him so the pig was happy because the wolf’s bum was going to go in hot water so it fell down the chimney and it fell into very hot water so his bum so the wolf ran so fast outside and it did not come back ever again so the three little was so happy that the got to have a party.

Viliami maths work.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Gopher story introduction.

Once upon a time there was a gopher that was on dirty road his name was Jeff. He was so fat that he had to hold the tummy while he is walking.The dirty road was in middle of Africa.