Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Viliami Writing - Narrative September 2016

Once upon a time there were a two brothers that went to the Point England beach for a swim and do some rugby training there names were Leonardy and Viliami. Then suddenly there were zombie people and zombie dogs.

 The zombie dogs were so fasted that it could chase you and bite you and there teeth are so sharp like a shark's teeth that have been sharpen. And the zombies they had blood coming out of there brains and zombies eating each others hands and feet and they are evan trying to eat each others brains to.

 So the brothers started runing away to there houses and they did not wanted to go back to the Point England beach for a swim or go training there so that's the end that they a going to the Point England school beach.

Walt: write a narrativeWalt: use and write paragraphs, detailed sentences, juicy words, full stops, capital letters and correct spelling.

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