Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Viliami immersion assembly.

Have you ever played an instrument? Today we went to the immersion assembly. And it was very very fun.

The school theme is about music and instruments. The other teams did a different Item to everybody’s. But it had to be about music.

Team four’s topic was like an apple ad, but it was a Pt England carpool music video. I think my teachers were Wonderful dancers in the car. But I think the best dancers were Mr Goodwin and Mr Somerville. Some of the songs were cool and some of the songs were so old school.

I would hope to learn about music and making my own songs and making instruments. I think this term's theme is one of the best themes I’ve ever had. Because I am into songs and instruments.  

Overall the new theme is the best theme and I think this term is going to be a fun term.

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