Thursday, 27 July 2017

Viliami Space Narrative.

On 4017 me and Junior moved to another planet because the earth was dieing. And it was started to get worse. Because the plants were dying and some to the people in the earth was dieing.

Arriving at our new planet the tiger planet it was scary because there was lots of tigers surrounding. So I had to run. Then I had an Idea I remembered that I had steak in my bag. So I gave him one then he liked it. I fed the tiger that all the steak in my bag that we were going to cook was all finished.

When I ran out of meat I started to get nervous and started shaking. So the tigers started chasing me and I jumped onto my rocket ship and tried to get away but I could not get away. Because the tigers ran and jumped and was on top of our rocket ship. So I knew that there is going to be big trouble.

When the tiger was on top of the roof me and junior climb on top of the rocket and pushed the tigers off the rocket ship. Then we said goodbye to the tigers well they were floating in the air.

After saying goodbye to the tigers Junior and I lived in peace in tiger land. That we had tiger ice cream. And we had fun.

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