Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Viliami Newspaper Towers.

WALT: write a recount about our experience.

Have you ever made a paper tower. Have you ever made your tower stand.

When we were told that we were going to do a experience with paper I thought that we were going to make a ball out of paper.

When our teacher sent us away we found our groups and we sat all together. Then we started planning. When we were planning and our teacher came around with some paper for our planning. We were doing a plan then someone was trying to be the boss and some of the kids from our group was doing nothing and just sitting there.Then they all sticked to my plan.

When built our newspaper tower we were all laughing when we were all making our paper tower. But all of got to have fun and enjoy.

I would like to say that it was so cool when we were doing the paper experience because I haven't done that in class be fore but it was so cool and luckily we got to it with our very cool teacher Mr Goodwin.

Task description:We made a paper tower. I wrote it down in paragraphs.

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