Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Viliami Athletics day story.

On Friday we had cross country when I was walking to the courts I saw four different colors and it was red yellow blue and last one was green. We all had to put sunscreen on us so we do not get burnt from the hot sun.

First we started with the high jump I was waiting for my turn we had to run so fast so we can jump the high jump because if we jog we might not get over the stick. Trying very hard to get over I couldn't make it over Then we had to go to the easy one and that was a bit easy for me but I still did not make it over.

Then we had to go to the sprints Mr Burt put us into groups so I was the first one so Mr Burt said on marks so put my strongest leg in the back and put my weak leg in the front then he said get set the got ready to run as fast as I could so I ran so fast like the wind and I came third.

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