Friday, 24 July 2015

Viliami Assembly.

When we walked into the hall Mr Burt was selling stuff. He gave out rugby balls, basketballs and chocolate. He said, “Who has got $1? Who has got $2?  Who has got $3?  Who has got $4? Who has got $5.”  We were at our immersion assembly. Point England does this every term in the school hall, to find out what is this term’s topic.

Team 1 did a market movie about money. The team 1 teachers were explaining about their movie. They had a chocolate money scramble.

Then it was time for team 2. They are learning about  ice cream so they had a movie too. It  was showing the year 2 kids going inside the shop. They were looking inside the iceblock box and yjey were so lucky because they got to buy. So after that the school kid had too unswer it right they have to answr every unser right if they get it rong they well not have an ice block.

Now it was time for team 5 team fives one was cool and funny becuse there was old lady and her son.there was peole coming in the truck and it was 3 girls they were selling stuff.Then there was a baby monkey too .So the peole came inside with a pair of shoes and some clothess for the mum and the son.The son really liked the jacket but he could’nt have it so the son told them to get out of his mum’s house.

I felt good about assembly because it was cool and funny and so fun for this team.

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