Friday, 1 May 2015

Immersion Assembly

Hook/Introduction: Paragraph 1 (to hook your reader in then to give them enough information so they know what you are writing about)
On Monday morning as soon as we got to the hall for our immersion assembly I saw Mr Burt helping to make pikelets with jam and marshmallows. I got to eat a pikelet and it was yum. The whole of Pt England school was there, we were going to find out about what we will be learning this term.

Paragraph 2:
When Mr Burt gave one of the prefect a drone to control with his phone. I liked when the year 3 and 4 teachers went because their video was cool. It was funny.     

Paragraph 3:  
My favorite part of the immersion assembly was Mr Barks showing us his incredible creation which was a minion hovercraft.

Paragraph 4: Conclusion
The immersion assembly was fun. I like hearing about what we are going to learn. Tinkering, tools and toys!

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